limp cracked memories

resting on display on coffee tables on bedsides in vases in vain

when love expires she too takes center stage still yet in denigrated form

faint shadows and traces of beauty glimmers of light of golden beams

of reminiscent of moments caught and burned by the

searing lights too bright too much too stunning too gone and left us

in the darkness trembling palms open mouth agape wondering why

wandering where attempting to find solace to find crimson petals and super glue

repair the mishaps mistakes creating pseudo happiness pseudo unity nostalgic

of the delicate curves and softness of once was

our roses stood so tall even the tulips

were jealous they knew we had dazzling romance but maybe naïve to

the fact that we require water and upkeep and attention

my fleeting clumsy water slipped through fingers through cupped hands

missing the vase spilling overflowing onto coffee tables onto bedsides causing

draught causing wilted colors lifeless crimson causing me causing death please death

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