When you fall in love with

everything in your candied vision:

Tracing shapes on fogged bathroom mirrors

Laying your hazy head across a cat’s purring stomach

Announcing to the room when the time is coincidentally 12:34

Claiming the beach and the mountains because you can’t just pick one

Swaying to a dusty vinyl alone under the moonlight

You’re just bound for trouble

I know your intentions are pure and

I know you have overwhelming passion

that struggles to be contained within the depths of your ribs.

You can’t jail away your tenderness; it’s not meant for limits.

So you bounce from heart to heart

holding your responsibilities with a giggle and a grin.

Imprinting accidental footprints on breathless chests

Leaving confusion and frustration in your clumsy steps

But once the endless giving and taking

Hits the snooze button, tires out, loses momentum,

then what? What well will you dip from

to reciprocate the affection you receive?

When you admire too many hearts and share yours

too generously, the drought starts dripping.

And I know that you mean the best.

And I know that your smile fades as you attempt to

explain your scribbled thoughts. I know, I know.

But for the sake of others, slow down, Trampoline Girl.

You’re moving far too fast to keep up with.

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