Hello and welcome!

Firstly, for those that have stumbled upon this blog of mine, please know that I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and support. I really hope that you can reflect, laugh, grow, think, and feel with me.
This blog is incredibly anticipated. For years, I’ve sat in solitude with my leather bound journals while filling the lines with my messy thoughts, trying to make sense of them all. My fingers would ache from my writing sessions as the side of my hand became tattooed with smudgy, black ink. Those lined spaces became saturated with my thoughts, stories, and opinions. My innermost being spilled out on pages. My triumphs and my pain. My life in written form. Journaling is great, my friends.

But as this continued, I began to think you know, thoughts are better when shared. In my opinion, thoughts (that are not hurtful or destructive) deserve to be fiercely, unabashedly shared so that the incredible bond we all share, that of human experience, can be celebrated and better understood. Language gives us the ability to do this. We have the ability to select words and string them side by side in cohesive series that have the delicate power to speak volumes. With this in mind, I got to thinking, why keep my thoughts inside my head? They’re getting a little dusty up there. Why not shout them into the world?

The thought of being publicly vulnerable and honest is exciting yet slightly nerve-wracking. But if you think about it, all the most meaningful experiences are just that. I like to believe that we are all equipped with unique gifts and talents meant for sharing. These gifts are completely innate and wrapped with a big bow in our favorite color. Being reluctant to delight in them is such a saddening thought.

Disclaimer: I want you all to understand that my thoughts are in no way coming from a place of superiority as if I’m some wise old owl that has all the answers. Rather, I’m speaking from a place of reflection. A lot of my posts are inspired by lessons that life has taught me. Also, in a lot of my writings I ask lots of questions. This proves that I’m right there beside you. I will never speak at you, only with you.

So without further ado, I ask that you allow yourself to do the previous: reflect, laugh, grow, think, and feel. This is a microphone for my thoughts. This is creativity we are harboring, insight we are considering, and life we are living. Or at least that’s what I think is going on here. Hopefully you’ll think so too.

Thanks a million.

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